Remember in the good 'ol days? And we're not only doing recreational games now, but educational as well and we have become part of Enthusiast Gaming along the way. We focus on both creation of new games with our in-house developers and continued development on our existing products.

We are looking for people to join our Edmonton/North America team in building exciting, dynamic products across our ever growing collection of products. While we are hoping to build our Edmonton, AB technology team we are flexible on location if you're a great fit for the position. We are a company that believes in balance, flexibility, communication and helping you make the best use of your time. With half our team based in Los Angeles, written communication and willingness to adopt processes to communicate progress and feedback is important.

Addicting Games is in need of an Intermediate/Senior JS Game/Frontend Web Developer - someone who enjoys working on multiple projects across various technologies and continually learning how to optimize and update these unique products. A developer who is confident enough to work alongside multiple teams as well as our designers to give feedback, plan and communicate technological approaches, and implement requirements. Following procedures, learning new approaches and being flexible is important. Ability to pick up frameworks as well as review and recommend approach options as you go will be a big plus.

To get a scope of the types an amount of products check out our company website at

We also have cross-product API’s that we maintain on both recreation and educational sides of the company.

Experience and Qualifications:

  • 5+ Years experience – web game development
  • 5+ Years experience – strong web fundamentals (HTML5, CSS/SASS, JS)
  • Extensive experience in creating modern responsive web pages
  • Experience with modern Javascript frameworks (eg. Next.js)
  • Extensive knowledge of browser performance optimization methods and tools (webpack, page speed compliance)
  • Experience working with teams to analyze and contribute ideas to product discussions, designs and decisions
  • A self directed work ethic with good attention to detail
  • Willingness to adopt high level SCRUM/KANBAN processes


  • Node js (+express)
  • Unity Experience
  • Docker/Kubernetes/Cloudflare
  • Experience working with high traffic websites


  • Adding features and integrations to existing products
  • Modernize and improve existing properties
  • Create engaging experiences for users across a wide range of different websites
  • Adopting new properties into the company (redesigns, integrations)